difference between pests and termites?

What is the difference between pests and termites?

When you see unwanted pests at your residence including ants and cockroaches, you will be naturally upset. In a similar way, termites are the ones who invade your home furniture, especially the wooden ones and destroy it completely. In this way, when you want to treat the issues with the help of professionals, you must understand the basic difference between pests and termites, so that you can take quick termite treatment or reach the best pest control treatment in your locality.

Pest relates to any living organism that is eradicated by the pest control treatment in a commercial or residential structure. While, on the other hand, termites are wood-destroying organisms, who attack only on the wooden elements and furniture and convert it into powdery form.

Below we have differentiated between pests and termites in terms of their behavior, shape, size, color, etc. Read on to find the details.





Physical Difference

Body Shape 

If you look at the pest’s body shape then you will see that they have a constricted waist.

While termites have no "waist,” instead, they have a rectangular kinda shape. 


Pests such as ants and cockroaches have bent or elbowed shaped antennae.

Meanwhile, termites have straight beaded antennae that help them to figure out the path.


A majority of pests are dark in color and are easily seen on the open sealed food. 

Termites are white or creamy in color and only seen in dark places on the wooden plank. 


Pests can be seen very easily in your kitchen and bathroom areas.

On the other hand, Termites live in dark places, however, you can easily see their key signs like mud shelter tubes, discarded wings, or wood damage.


Both have wings

Behavior Differences 

Basic Nature 

Pests are the one who can majorly attack at your food and cause some serious health related issues to you and your family. 

Termites are the ones who only eat the wood in which they live.


In pests, there are three types of ants including the basic black ones, red ants, and the carpenter ants

Talking about the termites, they are two types:

  • Drywood termites – They are the one, who look larger and produce thousands of creamy white bodies.
  • Subterranean termites – They have just one vein and run along the top line in the wing. 

Treatment Method


Pests can be treated only via pest control treatment, as this will reduce their majority of a pest in your house or office space. One must note that the pest control treatment will not 100% solve the pest issue. To eliminate them completely, two to three sessions of treatment are required. Also, make sure to clean your surroundings. 

For termite treatment, the professionals use pest exterminators, as this will eradicate the termites and bugs completely. If you want to remove termites totally with 100% effective results then exterminators are best.  


For pest control, the experts only use organic or less harmful chemicals and spray them all over the home to kill the pests in and from around your home. 

Termites are subterranean in nature, hence while doing the termite control treatment, the professionals need to drill the wooden slabs and fill the medicine in the holes to remove these creepy insects completely. 

Short Term Vs. Long Term Solutions

When you hire a reputable pest control company like Vigilant Pest Control the professionals will take their time to understand the problem and then take the right step to eliminate the issue. The Pest control treatment offers a short term solution, as you require to spray the solution frequently for best results. 

On the other hand, the termite treatment method such as exterminator’s professionals is not interested in the how’s and why's you get termites. They simply kill the insects and make sure that you don’t face the issue in the future.

Controlling Methods to Treat Termites And Pests

Below are the major Termite treatment methods and Pest control treatment methods offered by the Vigilant Pest Control services in Australia.

Termite Control Methods To Safeguard Your Property

Termite control is a fundamental apparatus to ensure your home. These creepy crawlies are equipped for eating each kind of wood if it isn’t treated on time. Thankfully, there are different techniques that a property holder can use to deal with an infestation of termites:

  • Liquid Termiticide Treatment – This is one of the most commonly used methods to control termites in your apartment or office space. In this method, several chemicals are diluted in water and applied this solution inside the soil immediately to obtain the best results.
  • Foam Termiticide Treatment – Foam termiticide is used to treat major termite issues and can be injected into the walls through small holes. The major active ingredients used in foam termiticide are fipronil and imidacloprid.

Pest Control Methods To Eliminate Stubborn Pests

Pests can be eliminated by simply following good cleaning practices and techniques. People need to use their and empty their bins regularly to throw trash and clean the surfaces of the kitchen, bathroom, hall, and other spaces to avoid any residue of food and other attractive items for pests. Also, try removing the instance of stagnant water to fight against these persistent pests. Listed below are some approaches that can help you in your fight against undesirable pests:

  • Use organic pest control methods to eliminate the pests from your apartment. Meanwhile, by using organic pest treatment, you will surely safeguard your plants and animals health.
  • Take proper Hygienic Control and clean your surroundings regularly to practice good hygiene. Make sure to clean up your utensils immediately and cover your food right after your meal. And throw all the leftover items only inside the bin. Keep all the surfaces clean and manage your utensils properly.

Hope you found this article helpful! In case, you are facing a major attack of termites or pests and want a proper, quick, and amount saving option then reach us at Vigilant Pest Control contact us page.

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