f Top 10 household Pests in Australia
Top 10 household Pests in Australia

Top 10 Household Pests in Australia

Australia is known for its pest problems, due to the combination of moist and hot environment, which is best for the pest breeding ground. To solve these pest problems, the Vigilant pest control services work round the clock throughout the year. Our expert pest treatment service provider has years of experience and knows the right method to eliminate the major household pests including bed bugs, ants, spiders, mosquitos, etc. that can be found easily across the country.

More than this, termites and cockroaches are the most common pests in residential areas that are incredibly dangerous for our health as well as for the furniture. In this manner, hiring a pest control specialist like Vigilant pest control is the right choice you can take to remove common pests in residential areas. They provide residential pest control services at your home.

To make your home pest free, here we have mentioned the top 10 household pests in Australia that can easily be eliminated with the help of professional pest control services in your locality. Read our mentioning list of pests and discover the accurate way on how to treat them by taking full precautions. But before getting into the list, let’s discuss what household pests are?

What is a household pest? And how they can affect your life?

Household pests are known as the common pests in residential areas that can cause severe damage to your residential property. More than this, these harmful pests lead to major health-related problems including Lyme or other infectious diseases. Herein, we have compiled the list of 10 household pest types that can ruin your home as well as your precious property and health.

Pest 1: Cockroaches

Have you ever experienced at night when you woke up to visit your kitchen and turn on your lights, you will see lots of cockroaches on your kitchen slab scattering all around. In Australia, cockroaches are one of the most pervasive house bugs that can be easily found in your house space especially in the bathroom and kitchen. This is because they love to grow in moist spaces and have the ability to spread major diseases to humans. Hence, you are advised don’t waste much time and call the officials of pest control services offered by Vigilant.

Pest 2: Termites

Termites are one of the major problems for any property owner, as they majorly attack the wooden furniture of your home. The best termite treatment services cost you more than $700 individually every year, as termites can tear down your entire house. In case, you find tiny holes in the beams in your ceiling or find hollow tunnels with the grain of the wood, then it’s time to call the termite control services and complete the pest control treatment with termite inspection at your home.

Pest 3: Spiders

Spiders are the most venomous species, as their bite can prove fatal to humans if left untreated. They are majorly found behind bookcases, air vents, wardrobes, and other damp spaces. By calling the experts of Vigilant Pest Control services, your property will be cleared by the presence of these creepy spiders and you can safeguard yourself and your family from the risks of spider bites.

Pest 4: Ants

Ants are the ones who enter your houses just in search of food. They are considered highly aggressive and their bite is quite painful. In case you have noticed small mounds of soil then make sure to call the ants' control services to eliminate ants from homes. Our experts are skilled enough to analyze the extent of your ant’s related problem and offer the best advice on which type of pest control will be effective for your concern.

Pest 5: Fleas

Fleas are the ones who might come with your furry friends including dogs and cats. They live in your pet fur causing biting and sucking the blood of your beloved pet. Apart from this, fleas also bite humans and live among the fabric linings, carpeting fibers, cushions, and even in between the cracks on hardwood flooring. Well, to keep yourself and your pets safe, make sure to follow the extermination techniques approved by the pest control specialist.

Pest 6: Ticks

Ticks are the ones who are capable of spreading more infectious diseases like Typhus and Lyme. They are majorly active in hotter months and cause trouble for your family and pets. In this major scenario, contacting the pest treatment specialist is always a good idea to handle the situation on time.

Pest 7: Flies

Flies are the most common pests in residential areas across Australia. Meanwhile, one can treat them by taking the proper precautions and pest control treatments by the experts of Vigilant pest control services. As we all know, flies are the root cause of major health risks to humans and animals. Because they can easily spread dangerous diseases such as salmonella, hence fly infestation on time is a must to avoid these types of issues.

Pest 8: Rodents - Mice and Rats

Both rats and mice are known as rodents, as they are known to transmit diseases, damaging buildings, and fouling up homes wherever they settle. These pests are a hazard to humans as they carry a wide variety of diseases including typhoid, jaundice, and so on. Therefore it is vital for you to immediately reach out to the professional’s team and eliminate these filthy rodents as soon as possible for commercial pest control services.

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Pest 9: Mosquitos

Everyone can easily identify a mosquito, as they have a high-pitched drone-like structure with irritating bites. The mosquito is a pest that mostly comes through stagnant water or some unwanted junk relying on your backyard. Mosquitos are the ones who love to grow in humid weather and cause major diseases such as malaria and dengue to you and your loved ones. To protect yourself against the attack of mosquitos biting try cleaning your surroundings as much as you can. You can also dial up the registered number of pest control to experience their eco-friendly techniques to kill mosquitos.

Pest 10: Bed bugs

House bugs can easily be found in your beds as well as carpets and mattresses. They are small reddish insects that bite humans, causing a lot of discomfort and itchiness to the bitten part. There are several actions that you can take to get rid of bed bugs from your home including cleaning, leaving your carpets and mattresses outside in the sun to kill the germs, and doing intense vacuuming regularly to achieve great results.

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