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Top 10 Signs Of Termite Infestation At Your Home

Termite infestation is one such issue that covers the whole of Australia, especially Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Meanwhile, there are several major factors that contribute to the beginning of termites such as rising temperatures, light intensity, increased moisture levels, atmospheric pressure, and wind. If you are facing a termite infestation then this is the right time to call the professionals of Vigilant Pest Control and ask for termite treatment and termite protection. These tiny insects are the main reason to cause thousands of dollars in damage. Therefore, it is important to complete a termite inspection under the guidance of a licensed pest professional every one to three years. This will help to keep the property safe and secure for the long run.

Herein, we have discussed the top 10 signs of termite infestation at your home that might cause you a lot of damage if you don’t consider these warnings in the early stages.

Major Signs of a Termite Infestation That You Need To Consider At Early Stages


A termite swarmer is usually the young female and male winged termites that will emerge from their nest to mate. During the process, they search for a new location to build their colony which majorly includes our homes. This is how they establish their new colonies. In case, you found any evidence of termite swarmers make sure to instantly call the termite protection professionals and ask them to successfully complete the termite treatment.

Discarded Wings

This is one of the most often and only signs, which states you are facing termite infestation at your home. Soon after the termite colony matures they take the flight to leave the nest to create a new colony. During this whole process, they shed their wings inside or outside of a home. Piles of wings available in your home is a sign that termites are present. Therefore, if you see these wings, contact a professional for a termite inspection and take all the necessary steps ASAP!

Mud Tubes

Underground termites make mud tubes to venture out from the soil to their food source – which might be your home. These pencil-thin passages hold dampness or moisture and shield the termites from drying out. Frequently you will see mud tubes around a home's foundation, as there is a lot of moisture present.


Termite droppings or frass are an indication of a termite attack. Drywood termites home within the wood. As they make holes and eat the wood they are plaguing, termites dispose of the droppings, making hills of pellets. You may discover these pellets anyplace there is wood in the home. In case, you are facing termite droppings in your home, call an expert of Vigilant Pest Control to get a termite inspection.

Head Banging

In major situations, you could hear some clicking sounds next from your walls. This is due to termites shaking their bodies or striking their heads against the wood when the colony is upset to flag risk to the other termites.

Stuck Doors and Windows

Most of the entryways such as doors and windows of our homes are made from wood. Therefore, they are the primary spots where termites attack since they can get to them from below the floor or from outside your home. Stuck windows or doors are generally the aftereffects of the wood expanding. In any case, here and there termites could be the reason. Check the frames and the window cautiously and if you find any signs like hollowness, small holes, wood residue, or mud tubing contact the termite treatment experts immediately.

Uneven Paint Surface:

There have been times when you face uneven paint surface. This is often a sign that moisture has been a build-up, which could be resulting in one of the two things – water damage or termites.

Hollow Wood:

Termites love to eat wood, perhaps hollow wood is one of the major and well-known signs of termite infestation. These tiny milky white insects eat the wood from the inside out and create a hollow in the wood. More than this, they will leave some small residue of wood that you can easily see if your home furniture is attacked by these tiny monsters.

Exterior Wood Damage

Wood that is completely damaged on the surface could show a potential termite invasion. Bare wood or rotted areas are open entry for a termite attack. Underground termites are pulled into dampness harmed wood. On the off chance that you see this sort of harm to your home, get expert termite protection now.

Water-Damaged Wall and Drooping Floors

Termites eating pattern make wood weak, resulting major water damaged wall and dropping floors. If you notice live termites inside your home make sure without considering a second thought call experts for an immediate home inspection.

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Why Book the Services of Vigilant Pest Control for Termites?

Killing termites isn't as simple as you think, you will require a professional helping hand to eliminate this issue. You cannot use any bug spray to kill these stubborn termites. All you need to do is call the experts of termites control services, who can effectively fight against this issue and keep your furniture safe and secure against termite infestation. Calling in your local termite inspection company for termite treatment will be the best and effective way for you. Thankfully, you can rely on the services of Vigilant Pest Control, as the working experts of the company only use safe and secure chemicals for pest control treatment. We have a wide range of pest control options that will suit all types of pest infestation within your budget. Therefore you can say, we are the ones who can provide you affordable services without creating a hole in your pocket. Contact us now to know more about our services and book an appointment for termite treatment.

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