Fly Control Services in Brisbane with Guaranteed Results

Flies bring in an array of diseases to your home or the establishment. These diseases are transmitted mainly through their saliva. So, controlling them is of utmost importance and what better option can there be apart from calling Vigilant Pest Control? Indeed, we are the leading provider of fly control services in Brisbane since we can get rid of them in just a couple of hours. We do this by using our superior treatment.

A fly infestation mainly occurs if your place is not clean enough or if food particles are left scattered here and there. Nevertheless, we use special chemicals that repel these insects, thus saving you from the wide variety of diseases and germs that they bring.

Call us now at (04) 1358 1715, and we will be right there at your place to eliminate the fly infestation, thus helping you stay protected from illnesses.


Exceptional Fly Treatment by Experts

Since flies are hard to control due to their reflexes, removing them requires special treatment. So, our exterminators spray minimally toxic chemicals to only those areas where they will naturally sit. These include the corners of your home, surfaces near food items such as your kitchen besides other areas such as bathrooms and where waste is disposed of. This method always proves to be effective, and for this reason, our fly removal treatment in Brisbane has become so much sought-after.

Our used solutions are generally safe. Still, during the treatment, we recommend that you keep your children and pets away for a few hours. We will give you the details just before commencing the treatment.

How We Excel in Our Brisbane Fly Treatment?


Unlike other pest control companies, we never rush. Rather, we carry out the Brisbane fly treatment patiently which produces flawless results. On top of that, we guarantee that our service greatly helps avert another infestation.

Our fly exterminators in Brisbane are experts. They are friendly and ensure a pest-free property with their service. Thus, you can expect to live without any disease or germs for years if you book our service.

Same day service

At Vigilant, you get the benefit of same day service. You just have to get a free quote, and specify your requirements. Our staff will be at your door the same day to protect your house from termites.

No upfront fees

There's no hidden charges you need to pay. We don't bill you unnecessary fees. All you have to do is get the service, and pay as per the quality of service. Which is always economical.

TERMITE Services
Tailored service

The complete service is done under your supervision. We cater to your demands, and therefore work to fulfill your house needs. Each, and every spot is serviced, and is done only after your approval.