Residential Pest Control in Brisbane

Don't you want to have a quality time in your own house? When it comes to your home - your largest investment - caring about your family, and providing comfortness is the top priority. And 'novice' pests can easily cause problems - damage homes, spread disease, reduce property value, etc. It requires proper examination, and effective pest control and termite treatment to get rid of these harmful creatures.

And what better way than to ask the job to be done by experts. We are a fully licensed company, working to free home from the notorious pests, for years. Each pest has their own distinct nature, and therefore requires studying their habitat pattern. This is where we come forward, and be helpful to you.

residential pest control services Use of professional technology

Our technicians are well versed with the best industry practices. We comply with traditional knowledge, and modern tools to treat the pests. We use tools such as moisture meters, termatrac devices, barriers etc. to protect your house from pests attack. Years of experience has helped us to do our work successfully, irrespective of the situation.

Customised pest control services at your home Customized solution

You know your home better than anyone else - the ins and outs of your place. We therefore discuss with you the hotspots, and the breeding place of pests. No house is the same, and hence no treatment is. We inspect your house, prepare a strategic report, and only after discussion start the work. The service is customized for your house requirement.

best and quality pest control services Best practices

To ensure a quality service, it's necessary to implement the best practices. And that's what we do. We don't define best, but it's you who decides what's the best practice. This is to ensure you're convinced of the work done. From inspection to laying chemicals, our work is based on the long term aspect. We ensure your house is protected from the pests for a lengthy period.

End of lease pest control service

In Australia, many tenants are required to do a thorough pest service before vacating the property. Our suggestion is to scan your paper to know if you're liable to do so. If there's a prior agreement, it's essential you do the work. We help you to eradicate the fleas, and other pests by a comprehensive cleaning service. This will make it easy for the next tenant, and prevent spreading any disease. Book our end of lease pest control Brisbane service after you have moved your furniture, and other units of your house. This will ensure a thorough cleaning including places difficult to reach, and no harm to anyone.

pest control
Termites Termites

Research shows - 85% of single-family Australian homes are built using a timber structure. This is an ideal condition for termites, and other pests to breed. The longer you will wait, the more damage it will cause. Our pest control Capalaba service will help you get rid of it now.

Fleas Fleas

Flies can be a nuisance. It makes daily home activities difficulties, causing delay, and inefficiency. Fresh manure, wet organic materials, and garbage are the ideal states for flies to breed. Which a general house has. We help you to get hold of it, and prevent the entry, by implementing stringent measures.

Cockroaches Cockroaches

You are well aware of the trouble caused by cockroaches. Warm places, and organic food material are the favorable conditions for their breeding. We use gel, boric acid power, caulk, and other measures to ensure it's prevention. If you want to get rid of cockroaches, our cockroach treatment is what you need.Get your free pest control quote now.