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Rats and rodents are among the most threatening pests that infest the Australian homes and households in Brisbane are no exception. They are notorious not just for causing problems and contaminating the homes with their urine and faeces, but they are also the root cause behind a number of diseases. They are at times dangerous as their bites can be fatal for kids, if not treated properly. That is why; you need to turn to the best rodent removal service in Brisbane, which can come up with prompt and perfect service using the latest tools and techniques. What better name can you opt for, than Vigilant Pest Control?

With years of experience and some of the best and technically most sound pest control experts in our team, we are your one stop solution when it comes to getting rid of rats and other rodents.

Don’t wait then, if your home is infested by Rodents. Dial (04) 1358 1715 for an appointment. Or write to us to get a rodent removal quote in Brisbane from our end.


What types of Rodents are found in Brisbane?

In Australia, you come across three common varieties of rodents:

  • The Norway Rat
  • Roof Rat
  • House Mouse

What are signs of rodent infestation?

  • Sightings: When you have your home infested by rodents, you will keep on coming across them.
  • Rodent Droppings: Frequent seeing of rodent droppings and urine streaks are tell-tale signs of rodent infestation.
  • Rodent Nests: Rodents generally make burrows, and if you find them in and around your home, in the basement, that’s a sign of infestation.
  • Sounds: Frequent squeaking sounds of rodents are a clear indication of infestation.

We offer Customised Rodent Removal Service in Brisbane


At Vigilant Pest Control, we would come up with a customised rodent removal service in Brisbane, which is all about detecting the type of rodents behind the infestation, and coming up with the best and the safest means to eliminate the infestation. So don’t wait, if you come across these signs. Call us to fix an appointment straight away.

Same day service

At Vigilant, you get the benefit of same day service. You just have to get a free quote, and specify your requirements. Our staff will be at your door the same day to protect your house from termites.

No upfront fees

There's no hidden charges you need to pay. We don't bill you unnecessary fees. All you have to do is get the service, and pay as per the quality of service. Which is always economical.

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Tailored service

The complete service is done under your supervision. We cater to your demands, and therefore work to fulfill your house needs. Each, and every spot is serviced, and is done only after your approval.